Ship of Theseus (2012)

Vision Date : 2012
Director : Anand Gandhi
Movie Genre : Drama
Actors : Aida El-Kashef as Aaliya Kamal, Sohum Shah as Navin, Neeraj Kabi as Maitreya, Vinay Shukla as Charwaka, Sameer Khurana as Mannu, Faraz Khan as Vinay, Sunip Sen as Sunip, Vipul Binjola as Jagannath, Manoj Shah as Shantimuni, Ramnik Parekh as Dr. Bhargava
Summary : Explores probes of identity, justice, beauty, meaning plus loss finished an experimental photographer, an in vagrant health monk plus a teen stockbroker.
If the sequences of a move are replaced, bit-by-bit, is it in addition the similar ship? A painted the town red experimental photographer endeavors plus the demise of her intuitive genius because an unplanned aftermath of a physical change; an smart monk confronting a compound ethical mess plus a prolonged caught up ideology, has to prefer between use as at any rate as death; as at any rate as a adolescent stockbroker, making headway the tail of a stolen kidney, learns how compound morality may be. These dissimilar modus vivendis show philosophical dilemmas inside their intimate lives, other than their narratives unite to demonstrate an identical superior fabric of connections, meaning, beauty, days as at any rate as bereavement inside a effortlessly poetic finale.
Run Time : 140 min | India:139 min
Country : India