Priest (2011)

Director : Scott Charles Stewart
Vision Date :
Genre : Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Actors : Paul Bettany as Priest, Karl Urban as Black Hat, Cam Gigandet as Hicks, Maggie Q as Priestess, Lily Collins as Lucy Pace, Brad Dourif as Salesman, Stephen Moyer as Owen Pace, Christopher Plummer as Monsignor Orelas, Alan Dale as Monsignor Chamberlain, Mädchen Amick as Shannon Pace, Jacob Hopkins as Boy, Dave Florek as Crocker, Joel Polinsky as Dr. Tomlin, Josh Wingate as Familiar, Jon Braver as Familiar, Casey Pieretti as Familiar, Theo Kypri as Familiar, John Griffin as Familiar, David Backus as Familiar, Roger Stoneburner as Familiar, David Bianchi as Familiar, Tanoai Reed as Brave Priest, Arnold Chon as Strong Priest, Henry Kingi Jr. as Bold Priest, Austin Priester as Flashback Priest, Marilyn Brett as Woman, Kanin Howell as Husband, Julie Mond as Wife, Michael D. Nye as Station Master, Reiner Schöne as Minister, Kevin T. McCarthy as English Speaking Preacher, Boyuen as Chinese Speaking Vendor (as Boyuen Lou), Anthony Azizi as Farsi Speaking Vendor, Pramod Kumar as Hindi Speaking Vendor, Lafayette R. Dorsey Sr. as Clergy Trooper, Cameron Cash as Gun Clerk
Summary : A priest disobeys church statute to direction drink the vampires who kidnapped his niece.
Run Time : 87 min
Country : USA
Company : Buckaroo Entertainment