Lily (2012/II)

Vision Date : 2012
Director : Matt Creed
Movie Genre : Drama
Actors : Amy Grantham as Lily, Simon Chaput as Aaron, Benjamin Slater as Jake, Zachary Unger as Kyle, Lindsay Burdge as Emily, Rebecca Street as Nell, David Andalman as Dave, Drew DeMaio as Will, Michael Harrah as Neil, Erika Latta as Laura, Mike Lisenco as Fertility Doctor, Conan McCarty as Michael
Summary : Lily is a pursuit of a prone epochs inside a small woman`s life. When her cancer psychotherapy comes to an end… Lily is a hunt of a liable time inside a small woman`s life. When her cancer assistance comes to an end, Lily is faced along furthermore a newfound clarity of herself. As she navigates ready this challenging stretch she is compelled to brand decisions also solution researches she postpone more than the years. Cancer has been the hardly obsession she`s took place ready on enjoys starting to end, this epiphany weighs hefty on her mind.
Run Time : 85 min
Country : USA