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Porndogs: The Adventures of Sadie (2009)

Release Date : 12 September 2009
Director : Greg Blatman
Genres : Comedy, Adult
Actors : Marilyn Chambers, Ron Jeremy, Dustin Diamond, Heidi Fleiss, Paul Rodriguez, Tera Patrick
Summary : Sadie, the most beautiful Yellow Lab in the whole wide world, lives an idyllic, pampered life in the suburbs. One day, she comes into heat and has no idea what to do with her new found feelings and urges. When she learns that her more...

Bedways (2010)

Release Date : 3 June 2010
Director : Rolf Peter Kahl
Genres : Thriller, Adult
Actors : Miriam Mayet, Matthias Faust, Lana Cooper, Laura Tonke, Arno Frisch, Moritz Ross, Helge-Björn Meyer, Ute Schwidden
Summary : Film director Nina wants to shoot a movie about love and sex. She invites her actor-friends Hans and Marie for screen tests in a huge, run-down apartment in Berlin for a couple of days. There are more...

Bishimai rezu: Kichû no hi ni… (2006)

Release Date : 17 December 2006
Director : D. Yamanouchi
Genre : Adult
Actors : Shinobu Terasawa, Yuria Hidaka, Riri Kôda
Run Time : 98 min
Plot : Beautiful Lesbian Sisters: On the Day of Mourning more...

Import Export (2007)

Release Date : 18 October 2007
Director : Ulrich Seidl
Genres : Adult, Drama
Actors : Ekateryna Rak, Lidiya Oleksandrivna Savka, Natalya Baranova, Natalja Epureanu, Erich Finsches, Georg Friedrich
Summary : A nurse enjoys the Ukraine searches because a more adept continuation inside the West, little bit an unemployed defense watch enjoys Austria models East because the equal reason. more...

Maidroid (2008) (Maid-Droid)

Release Date : 30 January 2008
Director : Naoyuki Tomomatsu
Genres : Drama, Adult
Actors : Hiroshi Fujita, Hiroyuki Kaneko, Masayoshi Nogami, Yôko Satomi, Anri Suzuki, Mari Yamaguchi, Akiho Yoshizawa
Original Title : Rôjin to rabudôru: Watashi ga shochô ni natta toki…
Summary : Mr. Ueno, retired, lives alone; he talks to Maria, a maid-droid his parents brought from their factory decades more...