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Bachelors Grove (2014)

Vision Date : 2014
Director : Ricardo Islas
Movie Genre : Horror
Actors : Tim Krueger as Coach Baker , Suzy Brack as Margaret Peterson , Ned Ricks as Bob Tyler , Sheree Bynum as Victoria Gaines , Joyce Porter as Eloise Tyler , Richard Pryor Jr. as Father Jackson , Jennifer Lenius as Lindsay Tyler , Bruce Spielbauer as Ralph Peterson Steffen Alanna as Church Congregation Member, Charin Alvarez as John Duncan's Wife, Sean Athy more...

Back in the Day (2014/I)

Vision Date : 2014
Director : Michael Rosenbaum
Movie Genre : Comedy
Actors : Morena Baccarin as Laurie Miller, Andrea Bogart as Stephanie, Kristoffer Polaha as Len Brenneman, Emma Caulfield as Molly, Michael Rosenbaum as Jim Owens, Mikaela Hoover as Tifficult, Nick Swardson as Ron Freeman, Danielle Bisutti as Annette Taylor, Harland Williams as Skunk, Jay R. Ferguson as Mark, Mike Hagerty as Principal Teagley, Richard Marx as Neighbor, more...

Back in the Day (2014/II)

Vision Date : 2014
Director : Paul Borghese
Movie Genre : Drama
Actors : Shannen Doherty as Maria, Danny Glover as Eddie 'Rocks' Travor, Joe D'Onofrio as Matty, Roy Jones Jr. as Himself, Paul Borghese as Sal Sapienza, Razor Rizzotti as Razor Rizzotti, William DeMeo as Anthony, Ronnie Marmo as Dominick, LoDeon as Reporter, Maria May as Young Maria, Kathryn Rose Unterberger as The Waitress (as Kathryn Unterberger), Aaron Joshua more...

Back to L.A. (2014)

Vision Date : 2014
Director : Pablo Fernandez
Movie Genre : Animation, Comedy, Drama
Actors : Jay Alan Christianson as Adam, J.P. Gillain as Tom, Reesa Ishiyama as Aki, Zoe McLellan as Alice Directed by Pablo Fernandez    Pablo Fernandez  writerProduced by Sayamol Klunmalee as. producer  Film Editing by Pablo Fernandez   Sound Department Jesús Jiménez as. sound mixer Jesús Jiménez as. more...

Back to the temple of the Sun (2014)

Vision Date : 2014
Director : Marco Pando
Movie Genre : Adventure, History
Actors : Wilmar Pando Directed by Marco Pando    Marco Pando  writerProduced by Karel Doing as. producer Fernando Pando as. co-producer Jose Luis Pando as. co-producer  Original Music by Lisa Premke   Cinematography by Marco Pando  Alex Wuijts    Additional Details Parents Guide:Add content advisory for parents more...

Backcountry (2014/I)

Vision Date : 2014
Director : Adam MacDonald
Movie Genre : Drama, Horror, Thriller
Actors : Eric Balfour as Brad, Missy Peregrym as Jenn, Nicholas Campbell as Ranger, Jeff Roop as Alex, Melanie Mullen as Lola, Ashley Nay as Icecream attendant Directed by Adam MacDonald    Adam MacDonald  writerProduced by Brandon Baker as. executive producer Michael Baker as. executive producer Peter Harvey as. line producer Thomas more...

Backdrifters (2014)

Vision Date : 2014
Director : Truan Flynn
Movie Genre : Mystery
Actors :
Summary : Unavailable
Run Time : UK:87 min
Country : UK more...

Backgammon (2014/II)

Vision Date : 2014
Director : Danny Thykær
Movie Genre : Drama
Actors : Thomas Chaanhing as Attorney, Danny Thykær as Erik, Maja Muhlack as Kristine, Adam Fischer as Young Player, Dan Zahle as Thomas, Sofia Lever as Maya, Laura Kamis Wrang as Princepal, Carl Emil Lohmann as Young Erik Directed by Danny Thykær    Danny Thykær  writerProduced by Andreas Carbel as. line producer Kenneth Skouboelling as. more...

Backgammon (2014/I)

Vision Date : 2014
Director : Francisco Orvañanos
Movie Genre : Drama, Mystery
Actors : Olivia Crocicchia as Elizabeth, Noah Silver as Lucian, Brittany Allen as Miranda, Christian Alexander as Andrew, Alex Beh as Gerald Directed by Francisco Orvañanos    Todd Niemi Francisco Orvañanos R.B. Russell Produced by Brandon Baker as. co-producer Miguel Angel Boccaloni as. producer Ben Kahn as. more...

Backmask (2014)

Vision Date : 2014
Director : Marcus Nispel
Movie Genre : Horror, Thriller
Actors : Stephen Lang as Father Conway, Gage Golightly as Amber, Brett Dier as Brad, Brittany Curran as Reign, Kevin Chapman as Greer, Kelly Blatz as Patrick, Meredith Prunty as Party Dancer, Jenny Shakeshaft as Reporter, Ashley Tramonte as Rave party teen, Nick Nicotera as Brian Knowles, Hilary Pingle as (voice), Keith Arem as Himself, Ryan Boudreau as Rave Party more...