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Brilliant Mistakes (2013)

Vision Date : 2012
Director : Paul Brighton
Movie Genre : Drama, Mystery, Romance
Actors : Daniel Dambroff as Marcus Wright, Christopher Clawson as Elliot Thurston, Aria McKenna as Sandra Penney, Trisha Carr as Erin Penney, Elise McNamara as Gabby Penney, Chris Holliday as Tina Wright, Cheryl McMahon as Janet Hayes, Robert McKay as Dr. Bauman, Duncan Putney as Bernard Wright, Richard Shankman as Curt Penney, Desbah as Kirsten, Rachel more...

Bad Fever (2012)

Vision Date : 2012
Director : Dustin Guy Defa
Movie Genre : Drama
Actors : Kentucker Audley as Eddie, Allison Baar as Yoko, Hayward Buchanan as Hank, Dustin Guy Defa as Larry, Eleonore Hendricks as Irene, Scott Parisi as Waiter, Dane Stevens as Burt (as Duane Stephens), Annette Wright as Mama
Summary : A humorless loner strives to triumph the fright of a drifter and his debut act at the local comedy club. A humorless loner more...

Healing the Stupid (2013)

Vision Date : 2012
Director : Adam Lynton
Movie Genre : Comedy, Drama, Romance
Actors : Michael J. Silver as Scott Stratton, Kelly Thiebaud as Carla, Amy Hedrick as Mia Stratton, Lauren Marini as Cathy, Tom Phillips as Bill, Katie Keene as Asha, Juliette Bennett as Lucy, Pete Rodriquez as Charney, Lec Zorn as Jehovah`s Witness, Jordan Cates as Jehovah`s Witness
Summary : When slothful with gluttonous Scott Stratton loses his job, more...

Truth (2013)

Vision Date : 2012
Director : Rob Moretti
Movie Genre : Thriller
Actors : Blanche Baker as Barbara, Sean Paul Lockhart as Caleb, Max Rhyser as Young man, Suzanne Didonna as Caleb`s mother, Rob Moretti as Jeremy, Rebekah Aramini as Leah, Philip Joseph McElroy as Young Caleb, John Van Steen as Orderly
Summary : A suspenseful, spiritual thriller, “Truth” reveal the obscure demons buried deep indoors each furthermore one more...

The Trace (2011)

Vision Date : 2012
Director : M. Tayfur Aydin
Movie Genre : Drama
Actors : Necmettin çobanoglu as Mirza, Bilal Bulut as Hevi, Serdar Orçin as Bekir, Tarçin çelebi as Buse, Melahat Bayram as Seristan, Tarcin Celebi as Buse, Necmettin Cobanoglu as Mirza, Ozan Diyar as Osman
Summary : Being at death`s door, Seristan, an getting on gentleman at her eighties, desires her child to obtain her save someone’s skin to her more...

P5Ych (2013)

Vision Date : 2012
Director : Matthew Currie Holmes
Movie Genre : Horror
Actors :
Summary : The every year is 1984. The five survivors, whose episodes energize five scary fright films, are receiving experimental, psycho-kinetic aid because post-traumatic demand disorder.
The per annum is 1984. Sandy King, Eric Talbert, Debbie Hill, Amanda Collins furthermore Bobby White tolerate been scarred hence painfully furthermore more...

A Painting Lesson (2011)

Vision Date : 2012
Director : Pablo Perelman
Movie Genre : General, Action
Actors : Daniel Giménez Cacho as Aguiar, Verónica Sánchez as Elvira, Juan José Susacassa as Augusto, Matías Vera as Augusto 5 años, Martín Vera as Augusto 3 años, Catalina Maldonado as Augusto bebé, Catalina Saavedra as Leontina, Manuel Peña as Mario, Edgardo Bruna as Bechard, Carmina Riego as Ama de llaves, Teresa Hales as Sta. Toro, Carmen Gloria Bresky as more...

Gothic Assassins (2012)

Vision Date : 2012
Director : Milos Twilight
Movie Genre : Action, Drama, Sci-Fi
Actors : Steven Bauer as VOX, Amra Silajdzic as Scarlett Dax, Priscilla Taylor as Dalhiax Dax, Jack Huang as Avenger, Olya Casey as Kadalhiax Dax (as Olya Lea), Linden King as Lead, Hugh Lehane as The Master, Marius Lite as Oleg Varga, Brian Metran as Agent Frias, Jose Paz as Carlos Brenna, Chuck Rockford as Washington DC Agent, Adi Spektor as Larko, Kevin more...

The Divine Order (2013)

Vision Date : 2012
Director : Patrick O`Bell
Movie Genre : Horror
Actors : Dave Vescio as Elyon, Andy Gates as Spencer, Tamzin Brown as Ursa, Jonathan Erickson Eisley as Draco, Michael O`Hare Wallace as John Miranti, Alex Essoe as Nurse Iris, Mara Luthane as Alice, Sean Summers as Bill, Peter Sherayko as Leon, Uri Ryder as David, Jason Johnson as Jacob, Keegan Gogerty as Brad Hayes, Ashley Cordelia as Ana, Amanda Poliakin as Grace, Michelle more...

I.M. Caravaggio (2011)

Vision Date : 2012
Director : Derek Stonebarger
Movie Genre : Biography, Drama, History, Thriller
Actors : Ryan Eicher as Ian, Beverly Lynne as Venice, Fletcher Sharp as Rex Yee, Alastair Bayardo as Mario Minniti, Damien Horton as Young Ian, Amanda Ouest as Janet Shapiro, Kent Johns as Governor Vandabarrow, Kylee Nash as Mrs. Vandabarrow, Rusty Meyers as Mr. Milano, J.R. Thompson as Mrs. Milano, Faouzi Brahimi as Darius Hammargren, Ross more...