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After (2011/II)

Director : Ryan Smith
Vision Date :
Genre : Thriller
Actors : Steven Strait as Freddy, Karolina Wydra as Ana, Madison Lintz as Young Ana, Sandra Ellis Lafferty as Aunt Lu, Ric Reitz as Doctor, Jackson Walker as Phil, Bob Penny as Elderly Man, Chase Presley as Young Freddy, April Billingsley as Caretaker, Sabyn Mayfield as Carnival Attendant, Jennifer Spriggs as Nurse 2, Tyrin Niles Wyche as Chuck, Michael Dinardo as Clay
Summary more...

Cruzadas (2011)

Director : Diego Rafecas
Vision Date :
Genre : Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Reality-TV
Actors : Enrique Pinti, Moria Casán, Nacha Guevara, Claudio Rissi, Willy Lemos, Alejandra Majluf, Diego Rafecas, Damian Cesanelli, Gonzalo Suarez, Miriam Lanzoni, Sebastián Cantoni, Jenny Williams, Laura Bruni, Claudia Albertario, Carlos Belloso, Tomás Fonzi, Chachi Telesco Directed by Diego Rafecas Writing credits Viviana Nigro original ideaDiego Rafecas more...

Mangus! (2011)

Director : Ash Christian
Vision Date :
Genre : Comedy
Actors : Jennifer Coolidge as Cookie Richardson, Heather Matarazzo as Jessica Simpson, John Waters, Leslie Jordan, Deborah Theaker as Raquel Spedgewick, Laura Spencer as Kimmy, Melissa Nassauer as Audition Hopeful, Brett Donowho as Army Man #1, Kimberly Lynn Campbell as Bus Station Patron, Richard D. Curtin as Jesus Christ, Mary Winchester as Parent, Kerry McCormick as Bus Station more...

A Heartbeat Away (2011)

Director : Gale Edwards
Vision Date :
Genre : Comedy, Musical
Actors : Sebastian Gregory as Kevin Flack, Isabel Lucas as Mandy Riddick, William Zappa as Edwin Flack, Tammy McIntosh as Grace Flack, Colin Friels as Mayor Riddick, Roy Billing as George, Kerry Walker as Dawn, Terry Camilleri as Gino, Errol O`Neill as Derek, Adam Saunders as Simon, Mark Furze as Damian, Sam Hales as Gary, Tiffany Lamb as Tracy, Chase Vollenweider as Jimmy, more...

Girls! Girls! Girls! (2011)

Director : Unavailable
Vision Date :
Genre : Action, Comedy, Drama, History, Thriller
Actors : Ahna O`Reilly, Octavia Spencer, French Stewart, Lauren Miller, Michael Worth as Ben, Cynthia Ettinger, Michelle Lang as Crying Woman, America Young, Lisa Pescia, Myk Watford, April Wade, Stephanie Mace, Mary Chieffo, Patti Tippo, Barrett Perlman as Vickie, Arielle Zimmerman as Demon, Leslie Wong, Jenn Fee, Jen Zaborowski, Mary Eileen O`Donnell as more...

Jo-seon Myeong-tam-jeong (2011)

Director : Seok-yun Kim
Vision Date :
Genre : Action, Comedy, Crime, History, Mystery
Actors : Myung-min Kim as K, Dal-su Oh as Kennel Man, Ji-min Han as Han Gaek-Joo / Lee Ah-Yeong, Jae-yong Lee as Minister Lim, Hyeon Woo as Mr. Bang, Ye Soo-Jeong as Lim Jwa-Soo`s Wife, Choi Moo-Seong as Medical guru, In-gi Jeong as Magistrate, Seol-gu Lee as Slave 4, Kyeong-min Mun as Old blacksmith, Hyo-Sang Choi as Dae Je-Hak, Han-beom Lee as Gong-Bang, more...

Growl (2011)

Director : Sxv`leithan Essex
Vision Date :
Genre : Horror
Actors : Katee Sackhoff as Camden, Victor Webster as Dallas Maxilla, Dawn Olivieri as Deville Maxilla, Josh Kelly as Venton Reid, Jennifer Lee Wiggins as Berlin Jones, Paul Bean as Johnny Face, Mark Sherman as Rebel Maxilla
Summary : A on the move underground disagreement group contacted `The Brawlers` come across a derelict ghost town tucked elsewhere inside the more...

French Kiss (2011)

Director : Sylvain Archambault
Vision Date :
Genre : Romance
Actors : Claude Legault as Frédéric / Robert, Céline Bonnier as Juliette, Didier Lucien as Elliot, Suzanne Champagne as Muguette, Isabelle Guérard as Karine, Stéphane Breton as Tom, Raymond Cloutier as Père de Juliette, Igor Ovadis as Otto, Ruby Brown as Marike, Jeanne Ostiguy as La femme à l`imperméable, Moreno De Marchi as Conferencier, Martina Adamcová as Bibiana

Dance Fu (2011)

Director : Cedric the Entertainer
Vision Date :
Genre : Comedy
Actors : Kel Mitchell as Chicago Jones / Pretty Eyed Willy, Cedric the Entertainer as Detective, Katerina Graham as Chaka, Gary Anthony Sturgis as Daddy J, Duncan Tran as Himself / Bboy Dunken, Tommy Davidson as Addict, Affion Crockett as Julius Ho, Ty Hodges as Jamal, Jennifer D. Johnson as Vendetta, Cecelia Antoinette as Mable, Rodney Perry as Mayor Pope, Cory Hardrict as Tk, more...

Fever (2011)

Director : David Kim Bruckheimer
Vision Date :
Genre : Thriller
Actors : Dexter Fletcher as Hunter, Femi Oyeniran as Detective Harper, Shanika Warren-Markland as Ty, Ashley Walters as Cherokee Blame, Richie Campbell as Barry, Joseph Marcell as Fast Eddie, Jazzie Zonzolo as Detective Conrad, Wil Johnson as Trevor McBride, Isabella Calthorpe as Detective Carter, Ashley Chin as Tyson, Adrian Bouchet as Ian, Katia Winter as Alessandra more...